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I am desperate, without fear, struggling to salvage and save the better parts of myself to share.  Urgency exists to share a love for the world so great my heart cannot hold.  I want something of substance to speak to my existence…to announce my part in the greatness of that which is ‘life’.  For I am more than mere flesh and blood; veins filled with the fluid genetics of ancestry. 

No, I am all this and more, and it is the more I ache to share. 

I do not hope to be a contribution to redundancy.  I long for connection; the type of connective tissues that allow humanity to scream out of the darkness of silent obscurity into cascading tendrils of thoughtful discourse.  I want for a place among the glorious, ambient, subtleties which go unacknowledged on a grand scale.  For the simple, glowing undercurrent that exists outside the cordially superficial.  

This heart hopes that upon closer examination, not one would find me wanting.  This being hopes that my soul might appear complete in temperance and action.  Complete in intention and result.  I hope for connection that is honorable and kindhearted in purpose, based on internal understanding.  That those who might seek would be satisfied at what they find…in the person I am.  Like a deep water swim, we might discover ourselves happily immersed in the dark blue wonder of our reflections, absorbing and illuminating each other toward heightened potential and splendor. 

Yes, this perspective is wholly good and the most honest accounting of my thoughts and better wishes.

Nature Lessons: The Movement of Water



ImageWater is a force….

It moves freely into spaces that cannot be occupied by solid, immovable elements.  In this way, it becomes a power to be reckoned with, moving in volume where it pleases.  It fills up tiny crevices, lifting and displacing even the heaviest objects through strength, resolve, and a steady, stubborn effort. 

And when water encounters borders of stone intent on controlling its movement, to force its wild flowing to submit, water works gradually, without surrender, to wear down the stone and earth until they yield, eroding to the will of water.  In the wake of such determined labor, we are left with the majesty of the Grand Canyon.  This natural wonder stands as a breathtaking testament to a persistence that sought the tiny spaces between mighty stone barriers so it could continue working and pushing to achieve a desired path.

Be like water…

Strong and determined, steadily working, fluid enough to find the tiny spaces others are too solid and immovable to occupy.  In this way, you will get where you want to go and where you wish to be  🙂

In Contrast


Love stands in contrast

to pain and suffering

fully appreciated for its brilliance

when contemplating the withered vine


Still, in solitude

whispered wishes

find wings as prayers

and Hope trickles in

to devastate the coldest black


Pain suffocates as it breathes

and we struggle to find its meaning

where there is only

the human condition


Little do we really know

yet pain and suffering reveal

that through their constant gardening

love is discovered…

growing among the weeds of sadness



How many times I’ve found myself testing boundaries, learning what I could trust and what I could not. The desert and hills of my youth were the best teachers. I marvel now at the simple things which have manifested themselves into my being. Hours spent in creative concentration; navigating new experiences and explorations.

I learned early to trust my hands. I found that if I could get something into my hands, I could make things happen. They are naturally perceptive, discerning. Probably by no coincidence, I found boredom with manmade things, far more stimulated by those things that did not exist, until I forced them into existence. Through my hands, nature bent to my imagination at every turn, allowing me escape to create and dream without limit.

I found a confidence that most of the things of this world are malleable and it saved me. I applied the belief to every part of my life. I learned to be the sculptor, never yielding to the inclination that something might not be doable. I found that as most things bend, I can mold them and shape them until I am satisfied for a time at their construction. My appreciation for the limitless nature of change developed a confidence that when I grow tired of a shape, I can choose to pull it down and begin anew. I am unbound. I am alive with renewal at the moment I decide to change.

In this belief, I find my hands a constant friend and a willing conspirator; bending and shaping things the way I wish. It grows a certain respect for the life I create. When the time comes to tear things down in favor of change, I honor the force they’ve had on my journey, by reflecting on their lessons, cause and effect.

The cycle, so endless and profound, forces the change that inhales breath into life. It constantly reminds me; how full are our experiences, and how petty our complaints. Options and choice are the things that move me; so exciting and tactile. I’ve never shared in the fear commonly found with the changing shape of things. Life grows grey and dead in its absence.

The naturalness of change is far removed from man’s control and there is a sense of solace for me in that knowledge. It is a natural rhythm I know and trust intuitively. An instinct telling me when I‘m out of sync. I am like a tiny vessel on an open, deep blue sea that sometimes turns turbulent, but I let go the illusion of control and roll among the waves without fear. I have no use for illusion. I ride the waves and find the greatest trust in my hands.

I am a newbie…


How to begin…
All things change. Change is constant and can be involuntary or initiated. It is complex and materializes from the conscious and unconscious in such a way that its origins are often elusive.
I am here, now, beginning the journey of this blog because my experiences (and interpretations of those experiences) have led me to this time and decision. I am interested in that process…but beyond my own existence. I am infinitely interested in the way life collides and creates. I am interested in the influences, ebb and flow, and informed design.
There can be no predictions beyond what we have known, so I will not predict how this current journey will progress or ultimately end. I plan (loosely) to enjoy it…that is all.
I hope you will enjoy it with me. Perhaps we can inspire each other toward greater self-improvement. Through that endeavor we may hope to improve the world we share. 🙂