I am a newbie…


How to begin…
All things change. Change is constant and can be involuntary or initiated. It is complex and materializes from the conscious and unconscious in such a way that its origins are often elusive.
I am here, now, beginning the journey of this blog because my experiences (and interpretations of those experiences) have led me to this time and decision. I am interested in that process…but beyond my own existence. I am infinitely interested in the way life collides and creates. I am interested in the influences, ebb and flow, and informed design.
There can be no predictions beyond what we have known, so I will not predict how this current journey will progress or ultimately end. I plan (loosely) to enjoy it…that is all.
I hope you will enjoy it with me. Perhaps we can inspire each other toward greater self-improvement. Through that endeavor we may hope to improve the world we share. 🙂


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