In my own backyard….


The official count this morning: 
5 bunnies
4 squirrels
5 ducks (I have noooo idea where those  came from…)
2 geckos
1 very loud frog
And of course…
Numerous, varied species of birds

Life is so good…and plentiful 🙂


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  1. Sounds like the foothills around some of the communities in So. California! A lot of wild life in backyards, trash cans, and swimming pools! Take care, “Hippie!”


      • Those “siwely” wabbits! Of course, if we keep adding diet ideas to our menus, we humans may be eating like them! Take care.


      • Ha…always good to hear from my “Rockin’ Hippie!” You know, I don’t do a lot of posts on food because the answer for everything is the same:

        Drink 8 glasses of tepid water each day
        Eat a bunch of weeds from the back yard
        Run 50 miles…before noon!

        That’s why I like the saying “Science is not an exact science!”

        You have a great one today…


      • I make fun of these things! I haven’t run anywhere since high school basketball! I do eat some “weeds” but not anything to brag about. And I drink water, but sometimes a good glass of wine hits the spot!

        I like to chill too…and I’m quite good at it!


      • We’ll set up a “virtual wine tasting” some day! I live about 1 1/2 hours from one part of the wine country, so I’ll go to my place and you can go to yours and we’ll compare notes!

        Kidding, but sounds like fun…kinda!


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