I am desperate, without fear, struggling to salvage and save the better parts of myself to share.  Urgency exists to share a love for the world so great my heart cannot hold.  I want something of substance to speak to my existence…to announce my part in the greatness of that which is ‘life’.  For I am more than mere flesh and blood; veins filled with the fluid genetics of ancestry. 

No, I am all this and more, and it is the more I ache to share. 

I do not hope to be a contribution to redundancy.  I long for connection; the type of connective tissues that allow humanity to scream out of the darkness of silent obscurity into cascading tendrils of thoughtful discourse.  I want for a place among the glorious, ambient, subtleties which go unacknowledged on a grand scale.  For the simple, glowing undercurrent that exists outside the cordially superficial.  

This heart hopes that upon closer examination, not one would find me wanting.  This being hopes that my soul might appear complete in temperance and action.  Complete in intention and result.  I hope for connection that is honorable and kindhearted in purpose, based on internal understanding.  That those who might seek would be satisfied at what they find…in the person I am.  Like a deep water swim, we might discover ourselves happily immersed in the dark blue wonder of our reflections, absorbing and illuminating each other toward heightened potential and splendor. 

Yes, this perspective is wholly good and the most honest accounting of my thoughts and better wishes.


Your thoughts...

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