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Meditation: Affect…


Blog 8 ImageConsider the power of the individual…

Existence is the constant, creative process of becoming, never finished, always evolving. We must take into account we are the makers of things; moments, mergers, interactions, and results.

The undertone resonating in life is that things are causal; they impact and ripple in a pond of complex interconnections, beating and banging into one another, manifesting worlds. We cannot ignore the aspects of being, content instead to classify and compare as if everything followed similar patterns.  Patterns do not answer the question why.  They are surface-symbolic, only the aftereffect end-points in a state of instability.  Moments in life have the power and potential to change us forever and as we change, we change things.  They are the inevitable changes spurred by innumerable variables of assemblage; consistently arrange new complexities of unfathomable proportions.

Never underestimate the power of the moment…your behavior, choices, and internal dialogue matter.  In each individual there lies a historical blueprint of existence they extend unknowingly into the world to relate with things and others, creating new worlds.  The discoveries of one generation impact those coming after and almost certainly in ways they could not have imagined.  Through the ordinary, the day-to-day, the extraordinary is formed unpredictably and the genealogy of affect is manifest.

March 2012:  A high school student was involved in a fatal car accident.  She was not the fatality.  She hit a pedestrian attempting to cross the highway in the dark.  As I passed the scene I saw her, head in hands, sitting on the shoulder of the road, staring at the sheet-covered body.  I contemplated the scope of affect in relation to those involved, including myself and the long line of cars creeping in a grisly procession past the scene.  I considered the remarkable changes to life taking place, actively, in the moment; the presence of everything arriving at once, unfolding and potent.  It was an intimate collision of histories, experience, choice, and happenstance, so remarkably unstable and messy.  Looking at the two bodies, one living, one dead, I reflected on my own life and how easily we, as individuals, are created and recreated in a breath.  The tendrils produced by such constant recreation generate remarkable, unknown results.  Tendrils, moving outward, extending, into communities and individual lives to create change, putting into motion a grand evolution of landscape.

And landscapes are different, because situations and encounters are different.  No two are ever produced identical, nor can they be reproduced the same.  Affects are at work within the abstract nothingness that fills spaces between events; the things that make up real life, disorganized and elusive.  Influence is collected, stored, processed and released anew as something else.

You can be better than a moment ago…

Affect tears apart the fabric of time, space, and death to reveal the fluidly unpredictable and powerful.  In fact, we are objects interacting with other objects, animate and inanimate, generating constant states of becoming something.  Statistics are therefore confined to averages, because affect says nothing is predictable.  And affect is absolutely correct…

Happiness…not always…


happiness picHappiness is not a constant and that is okay…

If we determine a focus on what is good and right, even during hardship, happiness finds us.  Seeking happiness counter intuitively prevents its discovery because it cannot be forced.  Happiness is the wonderful byproduct of attitude and outlook.

The impression that happiness should be (or can be) a constant state of being is illusory.  We are flawed and life is imperfect.  We will feel the sting of disappointment, heartbreak, boredom, and failure.  Life is far too complex to assume the measure of control exists necessary to guarantee one’s happiness as a constant in extant forms of free will or medication.

Acceptance and attitude during experienced states of unhappiness is paramount.  Being unhappy spurs us to hope for happiness.  It motivates us to change our circumstances and attitudes, or create new goals and practices.   And once happiness is again experienced, it is thanks to our previous unhappiness that we have an increased sense of appreciation for what we have found.

Suffering has its unique merits and lessons, so while life is a journey, it is also a classroom.  Our quality of progression depends on perception and perspective.  What we learn and how we choose to apply that knowledge impacts the quality of life for us and for others.  Moreover, like ripples on a pond, they extend beyond the present to influence and inform the future.

Consistently hope for happiness, even in your most depressed moments.  Hoping for happiness is as simple as a happy thought, noting a kind gesture, or repaying one forward.

Happiness is a chosen, hopeful core…a point of light in the dark…a destination of goodness that serves as the constant North of your compass  🙂


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award…



‘Rock Your Inner Hippie’ is honored and humbled by a nomination for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ 🙂

I accept, I accept, I accept!

A HUGE thank you to Jill (J.E. Rule) @ ‘The Rule of Peculiar’ for the nomination!  Check out her amazing, inspiring blog:

You rock J.E. Rule, thank you so much  🙂

Additionally, I promise to abide by the requirements of the nomination which are as follows:

I will display the award logo on my blog and link it to my nominator. I will likewise nominate 15 others and notify them of their nomination, also providing them these award requirements.

I nominate the following 15 blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because they possess inspiring content, an awesome overall outlook, and uplifting advice.  Each is a unique window into the human condition.  They inspire me, and I believe they have the power to inspire any reader lucky enough to find them.  Their blogs are beautiful, contemplative, soulful, and creative.  Their individual perspectives will make you think and they’ll make your day…in short, they are amazing…  🙂
















Thanks again for this wonderful nomination, Jill!  And to all the bloggers I listed above; you have enriched my life with your words…keep it up!  You’re words matter, and they add positive substance to the world  🙂

If We Could Only Pack One Suitcase…


blog6 picPerhaps we might view ‘necessity’ differently if we were forced to consider the entirety of life as if it was indeed a journey, and we were only allowed one suitcase.

I’ve been to the airport…

I’ve been a traveler…

The question of necessity is always approached and answered while packing a suitcase.

But one suitcase for your entire life’s journey would certainly sum things up, narrow them down, and compel a determined focus…

Let’s hypothetically suppose that emotions, quality of life issues, successes and failures were some of the ‘things’ we could choose to pack for our journey.  Would you voluntarily put in any suffering?  What about tears of joy and sadness?

Of course, as we travel we accumulate.  Knowing this, how much room would you allow for new, unknown things you might encounter?

Would you roll, tuck, fold, and squish to fit in as much as possible, or would you travel light and easy?  Would you try to control what is allowed inside or removed?  Or maybe you will accept that sometimes messy, dirty things get put in among the clean organization, changing the entire contents of the suitcase.  Is that acceptable?  Why or why not?

What about the final inventory once you’ve arrived at your ultimate destination?  Will you experience shame and regret when the contents are removed one-by-one?  Or, in contrast, will your journey have been so full that as the items are inventoried, you will feel a sense of awe and gratitude, fulfillment and happiness?

Certainly in every suitcase there would be more room for the good stuff if the bad were removed.  Perhaps we can all be at least thankful that our single suitcase is allowed constant reevaluation and rearrangement.

I believe the merciful truth is our suitcases may be repacked whenever we see fit to do so.

Repack often…

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‘Better’ is Always a Possibility…


Blog5 ImageLiving well and being grateful for our journey is a constant process of change and growth.  Changing our thinking will change our world, but it is up to each individual whether that change works toward their betterment or detriment.

It is helpful to recognize ourselves as beings that are in constant transformation.  Transformation occurs unscripted, so while it is certainty that it will occur, how it occurs is up to each of us.  Choose well, live well.  Improvement = happiness.  With this line of thought, change is not scary, it is renewing and hopeful   🙂

Individually of course we are accountable for our thoughts, reactions, and the navigational choices of our journey.  We impact one another through the collision of individual choice, which in turn creates greater ripples of change that transcend time in ways we could never have fathomed.  In this, there is a level of responsibility to our fellow man to individually strive to be better than we were yesterday, to improve the world during our short time, rather than leave it worse than when we arrived on the day of our birth.


If you are abusing yourself, STOP.  Stop it…  In everything be grateful, because we cannot know the possibility and potential of everything.  Abusing ourselves is neither gracious nor grateful; it denies us a life well-lived.  It kills happiness.  SO STOP IT, because it is in your power to do so…tell yourself a different story of you.  Empower yourself as you would empower a friend   🙂

Be kind.  Kindness never hurts, destroys, or causes pain.  It adds to the world and to your life.  There is never reason or cause to be unkind   🙂

Never be the victim.  Unhappiness is a self-chosen reaction and state of being, and it breeds unhappiness in others.  No one can force us to feel.  Therefore, other people are not capable of making us unhappy.  We may be disappointed, hurt, or suffering, but we choose to be unhappy.  In this way, we negotiate our own happiness or unhappiness   🙂

Love honestly, freely, and unconditionally.  You get what you give, so give love away without expectation of its return or reception.  Love is the ultimate renewable resource; we can give it as often as we like and never run out   🙂

Potentiality exists in equal measure, good and bad.  Focus only on that which nurtures and grows, the good.  Ridding our vocabulary of negative potentiality automatically increases mood and outlook.  And research has shown that speech and thought patterns are intimately linked to outcome, so we should endeavor to fill our minds and the universe with the good stuff   🙂

Be honest.  If you hurt someone, apologize.  If you hurt yourself, apologize.  Don’t lie in an effort to avoid taking responsibility.  Learn, forgive, and move forward with love and strength   🙂

We should not be reluctant to admit our faults.  Only by acknowledging them can we ever hope to improve.  Do not repeat behavior you are working to stop.  Do not focus on the faults of others; it is unproductive and repetitively hurtful   🙂

Do not be fearful, be courageous.  Fear is paralyzing.  The outcome of fear is regret.  Put the act of attempting the things you fear into practice; if you fear it, do it.  Forward motion exists even in the smallest step, so be brave and it will eventually become habit   🙂

Suffering is a matter of perception.  Suffering exists in all forms, physical, emotional, and mental, but the degree to which it influences our life is completely up to us.  You will fall down, but get back up.  Do not give power away to things like suffering and fear.  In its own way, suffering is a force for good.  Through our suffering we are presented with a greater appreciation for life   🙂

Monitor expectation.  When we attach an expectation to a moment, an event, or a person, we are setting up disappointment.  The world is a dynamic place, so why believe we have the kind of control necessary to expect a particular outcome?  Most frustration, hurt, and disappointment is directly connected to an expectation we placed on a particular outcome.  In all things be hopeful; be optimistic, but never expectant   🙂

Laziness denies you the personal fulfillment of a job well-done.  Do the work; each time better than the time before.  Living better and being better is literally, always, a small change away…


Blogging Naked…


haha…gotcha!  Title is important it seems…


But I am naked, this moment.  In a way you cannot see, but can appreciate… 

My heart is on my sleeve.  I love you…whoever you are.

I don’t need to know you.  I don’t need to know anything about you to love you.  Love is free; a completely renewable resource. 

Ever been to a play?  How about a ballet?  How about a small high school production in your home town?  If you have, you can relate to this short blog.  If you haven’t, you’ll still be able to relate to it. 

In every moment, movement, note, or line you ached for the performer to do well, without even knowing what kind of person they were, their politics, beliefs, or ambitions.  Why?  When the actor messes up a line, how does it make you feel?  If it makes you feel anxious for them, it is because your heart is already loving them.  The performer feels nervousness to perform just ‘right’.  But the audience feels the need to assure the performer it is okay to mess things up.  They will even applaud to show their support.  Their actions say, “Just keep going, we don’t mind, you’re doing great!”.  How deliciously complex….yet simple.     


We are connected by our humanity…the things that make us sensible to the human experience.  These are the ties that bind.  That raw love for one another is wholesome, unstained by the whims of society, event, or decade.  It is the thing that separates us from every other creature on the planet.  We empathize, we love…

So spread some more around…trust me, you’ll get it back in spades, my friend.  In spades

And remember, before you lay your head down tonight, I love you