‘Better’ is Always a Possibility…


Blog5 ImageLiving well and being grateful for our journey is a constant process of change and growth.  Changing our thinking will change our world, but it is up to each individual whether that change works toward their betterment or detriment.

It is helpful to recognize ourselves as beings that are in constant transformation.  Transformation occurs unscripted, so while it is certainty that it will occur, how it occurs is up to each of us.  Choose well, live well.  Improvement = happiness.  With this line of thought, change is not scary, it is renewing and hopeful   🙂

Individually of course we are accountable for our thoughts, reactions, and the navigational choices of our journey.  We impact one another through the collision of individual choice, which in turn creates greater ripples of change that transcend time in ways we could never have fathomed.  In this, there is a level of responsibility to our fellow man to individually strive to be better than we were yesterday, to improve the world during our short time, rather than leave it worse than when we arrived on the day of our birth.


If you are abusing yourself, STOP.  Stop it…  In everything be grateful, because we cannot know the possibility and potential of everything.  Abusing ourselves is neither gracious nor grateful; it denies us a life well-lived.  It kills happiness.  SO STOP IT, because it is in your power to do so…tell yourself a different story of you.  Empower yourself as you would empower a friend   🙂

Be kind.  Kindness never hurts, destroys, or causes pain.  It adds to the world and to your life.  There is never reason or cause to be unkind   🙂

Never be the victim.  Unhappiness is a self-chosen reaction and state of being, and it breeds unhappiness in others.  No one can force us to feel.  Therefore, other people are not capable of making us unhappy.  We may be disappointed, hurt, or suffering, but we choose to be unhappy.  In this way, we negotiate our own happiness or unhappiness   🙂

Love honestly, freely, and unconditionally.  You get what you give, so give love away without expectation of its return or reception.  Love is the ultimate renewable resource; we can give it as often as we like and never run out   🙂

Potentiality exists in equal measure, good and bad.  Focus only on that which nurtures and grows, the good.  Ridding our vocabulary of negative potentiality automatically increases mood and outlook.  And research has shown that speech and thought patterns are intimately linked to outcome, so we should endeavor to fill our minds and the universe with the good stuff   🙂

Be honest.  If you hurt someone, apologize.  If you hurt yourself, apologize.  Don’t lie in an effort to avoid taking responsibility.  Learn, forgive, and move forward with love and strength   🙂

We should not be reluctant to admit our faults.  Only by acknowledging them can we ever hope to improve.  Do not repeat behavior you are working to stop.  Do not focus on the faults of others; it is unproductive and repetitively hurtful   🙂

Do not be fearful, be courageous.  Fear is paralyzing.  The outcome of fear is regret.  Put the act of attempting the things you fear into practice; if you fear it, do it.  Forward motion exists even in the smallest step, so be brave and it will eventually become habit   🙂

Suffering is a matter of perception.  Suffering exists in all forms, physical, emotional, and mental, but the degree to which it influences our life is completely up to us.  You will fall down, but get back up.  Do not give power away to things like suffering and fear.  In its own way, suffering is a force for good.  Through our suffering we are presented with a greater appreciation for life   🙂

Monitor expectation.  When we attach an expectation to a moment, an event, or a person, we are setting up disappointment.  The world is a dynamic place, so why believe we have the kind of control necessary to expect a particular outcome?  Most frustration, hurt, and disappointment is directly connected to an expectation we placed on a particular outcome.  In all things be hopeful; be optimistic, but never expectant   🙂

Laziness denies you the personal fulfillment of a job well-done.  Do the work; each time better than the time before.  Living better and being better is literally, always, a small change away…


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  1. I don’t think I told you how good this post is! The idea of giving to others sounds old and cliché, but it is anything but that! Like Twain said…”if you need to cheer yourself up, cheer up someone else.” Giving is good for the soul, and love is what supports all things, both in heaven and on earth!

    Take care,

  2. I am often surprised to realize how often and how easily we are kinder to others than we are to ourselves. Women do this, especially. It takes attentiveness to catch ourselves. Thanks for this!

    • Soooo true, Andrea! Thank you for commenting! I agree…reinforcing to women and mothers that they should always ‘put themselves last’ only leads to unhappy women. If we don’t fill our souls, we are incapable of giving to others, because we are operating on empty. And if we lose our individual capacity to give, the world loses something truly wonderful; the gift we were meant to be to others… 🙂

  3. This post is great! Had I not already been following these principles I would be now after reading this! Thx for the great post – keep on rockin your inner hippie – lol

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