If We Could Only Pack One Suitcase…


blog6 picPerhaps we might view ‘necessity’ differently if we were forced to consider the entirety of life as if it was indeed a journey, and we were only allowed one suitcase.

I’ve been to the airport…

I’ve been a traveler…

The question of necessity is always approached and answered while packing a suitcase.

But one suitcase for your entire life’s journey would certainly sum things up, narrow them down, and compel a determined focus…

Let’s hypothetically suppose that emotions, quality of life issues, successes and failures were some of the ‘things’ we could choose to pack for our journey.  Would you voluntarily put in any suffering?  What about tears of joy and sadness?

Of course, as we travel we accumulate.  Knowing this, how much room would you allow for new, unknown things you might encounter?

Would you roll, tuck, fold, and squish to fit in as much as possible, or would you travel light and easy?  Would you try to control what is allowed inside or removed?  Or maybe you will accept that sometimes messy, dirty things get put in among the clean organization, changing the entire contents of the suitcase.  Is that acceptable?  Why or why not?

What about the final inventory once you’ve arrived at your ultimate destination?  Will you experience shame and regret when the contents are removed one-by-one?  Or, in contrast, will your journey have been so full that as the items are inventoried, you will feel a sense of awe and gratitude, fulfillment and happiness?

Certainly in every suitcase there would be more room for the good stuff if the bad were removed.  Perhaps we can all be at least thankful that our single suitcase is allowed constant reevaluation and rearrangement.

I believe the merciful truth is our suitcases may be repacked whenever we see fit to do so.

Repack often…

*credit for photo: http://www.yekasizireasemoon.blogfa.com*


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  1. I love this post and the way you made such a great comparison between packing and unpacking the suitcase and our lives. A lot of wisdom and common sense, packed into a short essay. Well done!

  2. I just wanted to tell you I think so much of this one, I’d like to reblog it! Keep up the great work, “Hippie!”


  3. Very interesting perspective. Ultimately, I would have to ask how I am being influenced. Sometimes we’re not completely aware of the influences we have agreed to. But if our awareness improves we become more selective about the influences….and begin the “repacking” process.

    • Thank you for commenting, Rob!
      I agree, growth is a constant, so yes, discernment improves as we learn and grow. Though without reflection and honest reevalution, we will repeat old mistakes and relive hurts as a result of such lack if awareness of certain influences. Facing painful truths, working through them, recognizing our weaknesses or tendencies; these are just a few things that can help us improve our navigation.
      I agree, there a foundations required for good ‘repacking’!
      Thank you Rob!!

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