Very Inspiring Blogger Award…



‘Rock Your Inner Hippie’ is honored and humbled by a nomination for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ 🙂

I accept, I accept, I accept!

A HUGE thank you to Jill (J.E. Rule) @ ‘The Rule of Peculiar’ for the nomination!  Check out her amazing, inspiring blog:

You rock J.E. Rule, thank you so much  🙂

Additionally, I promise to abide by the requirements of the nomination which are as follows:

I will display the award logo on my blog and link it to my nominator. I will likewise nominate 15 others and notify them of their nomination, also providing them these award requirements.

I nominate the following 15 blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because they possess inspiring content, an awesome overall outlook, and uplifting advice.  Each is a unique window into the human condition.  They inspire me, and I believe they have the power to inspire any reader lucky enough to find them.  Their blogs are beautiful, contemplative, soulful, and creative.  Their individual perspectives will make you think and they’ll make your day…in short, they are amazing…  🙂
















Thanks again for this wonderful nomination, Jill!  And to all the bloggers I listed above; you have enriched my life with your words…keep it up!  You’re words matter, and they add positive substance to the world  🙂

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  1. How special your site is along with the others you posted as well keep the words alove you may think about you and the others doing this site make a book of all you have written so others in book stores could read them as well-keep up the good owrk it is worth all the hard hours doing so each day love to you dear and so proud of you and who you are with in-

  2. Oh, my dear…I missed this award nomination for you! Super congrats on being an honoree. And I meant to tell you, I live in the lower desert regions of So. California and it’s great. I don’t like this state too much as a whole, but out this way is my very favorite spot!

    You have a great day…


    • Thanks Jeff 🙂
      I love So. Cali…used to really enjoy the drive from AZ to San Diego. I adore the desert, though I know it’s not for everyone. I’d like to see No. Cali too. Have you been? I hear it’s lovely…
      I hope your day is A-MAZING 🙂

      • Morning, my dear! Well I’ve lived in Cali. for all but two years of my life. Back in the late 90’s, I moved to the SF bay area.

        I was happy to be getting out of So. Cal. and on to a new adventure. However, while the weather is hard to beat up there, (I love cool, cloudy days and mild Summers), the housing and job market was no good for me.

        I didn’t work in computers, so I had a job in sales. I did manage to buy two different homes, but my THEN wife left me for another guy…13 yrs. of marriage gone!

        I met and married another gal, but it went bad in a few yrs. and I moved to Central Calif. But in 2003, I came back to good ol’ So. Cal. and wound up out here near the desert.

        Wow, that was a lot of “411!” Probably too much. I retired early because of some nerve damage to my legs, and now I get to write and publish the Redo!

        Hope I didn’t bore you with all that. Feel free to share about yourself. I think it’d be great to hear about you! Maybe we’ll talk again later…

        Jeff 🙂

      • Mornin’ 🙂
        I was born and raised in Arizona…near Prescott, so I actually had a little taste of all four seasons 🙂
        My childhood was quite painful, but thankfully, with time and a lot of self-examination and effort, it now seems like an entire lifetime ago. I left home for the military (Air Force) after high school, because like you, I am an adventure-seeker, so I was excited to leave my small town world for bigger and brighter things:)
        It was a good life; met and married my husband, had a couple of outstanding human beings (my kids) who were far more important to me than the Air Force could ever be, so I became a stay-at-home-mom at a time when it wasn’t the ‘popular’ thing to do. I incurred a lot of criticism during those years, especially from other women. I was quite the pariah, which was hard because staying home with little ones is quite a lonely endeavor, involving a lot of sacrifice. People would ask, “What do you do?” in casual conversation. I would answer, “I stay home, with my kids.” And then would come the slight, sympathetic smile and the condescending, “Ohhhh, uh huh.” Then they would walk away to talk with the more ‘interesting’ people in the room. It’s funny now as I look back on those responses, given that today it is not uncommon to have stay-at-home-DADS, which I think is awesome 🙂
        I wouldn’t change a thing if I had it to do all over again…
        Lots of experiences…I’ve been a professional artist since 2004 when I graduated with a degree in Fine Art. The art market went bust when the economy did, so I went back to school for another interest, archaeology. This time last year I was in Palau, Micronesia on an archaeological dig, livin’ it large…it was such a life-changing experience and I’ll cherish it forever. I graduated last December with my BA in Anthropology, but can’t seem to find work where I am currently located (NC), so I keep on, keepin’ on until something gives. I do a lot of DIY projects, artwork, and now my blog, to keep busy and happily fulfilled.
        You could never bore me, Jeff…I’m absolutely honored that you chose to share yourself with me 🙂
        I LOVE your blog and your comments…to say they make my day is an understatement 🙂

      • An incredible story! What a life you have lived. Those negative experiences you suffered obviously worked in your favor as they helped motivate you into a strong and independent woman.

        I’ll bet those children of yours are as great as you say, and your husband is fortunate to have such a quality spouse as you!

        I think your life story is a kind of “poster ad” for turning lemons into lemon aide! It is an encouragement to me and I’m sure to your readers as well.

        Continued success in whatever you choose from here. BTW, can I ask your name? I’d like to call you something other than “Hippie!”

        I do love your reply, and look forward to sharing with you again soon.

        Jeff 🙂

      • Yours too… 🙂
        Heartbreak comes in many forms and you have had your share as well, by the sound of it. I think we are both adept at the lemons-to-lemonade thing. I see a kindred spirit in you and your blogs 🙂
        The name is MaryAnn…
        I look forward to our next conversation 🙂

      • MaryAnn…I love it. I am getting ready to close up shop for today, but remind me to tell you about my days in the US Army, my TWO days!

        Here’s to “Heartbreak Ridge!” We live, love, and learn…take care…


      • Whoa, Jeff! Awesome…like a cliffhanger…I’ll be waiting for that story 🙂
        Here’s too life, love, and learning…may they have nooooo end! #ToastingWithGlassOfVino


      • Just checked once more before leaving and found you! You bet, my dear MaryAnn, to life, love, and good friends!

        I don’t think I’ve ever had vino. I do wine tasting as a hobby, (yeah, you believe that!)

      • Got cut short on my message…but I was winding up anyway. To kindred souls…

        Take care,
        Jeff 🙂

      • Many things do! Have a great day, write something monumental today!

        Jeff 🙂

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