Happiness…not always…


happiness picHappiness is not a constant and that is okay…

If we determine a focus on what is good and right, even during hardship, happiness finds us.  Seeking happiness counter intuitively prevents its discovery because it cannot be forced.  Happiness is the wonderful byproduct of attitude and outlook.

The impression that happiness should be (or can be) a constant state of being is illusory.  We are flawed and life is imperfect.  We will feel the sting of disappointment, heartbreak, boredom, and failure.  Life is far too complex to assume the measure of control exists necessary to guarantee one’s happiness as a constant in extant forms of free will or medication.

Acceptance and attitude during experienced states of unhappiness is paramount.  Being unhappy spurs us to hope for happiness.  It motivates us to change our circumstances and attitudes, or create new goals and practices.   And once happiness is again experienced, it is thanks to our previous unhappiness that we have an increased sense of appreciation for what we have found.

Suffering has its unique merits and lessons, so while life is a journey, it is also a classroom.  Our quality of progression depends on perception and perspective.  What we learn and how we choose to apply that knowledge impacts the quality of life for us and for others.  Moreover, like ripples on a pond, they extend beyond the present to influence and inform the future.

Consistently hope for happiness, even in your most depressed moments.  Hoping for happiness is as simple as a happy thought, noting a kind gesture, or repaying one forward.

Happiness is a chosen, hopeful core…a point of light in the dark…a destination of goodness that serves as the constant North of your compass  🙂


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  1. I think you do get to a stage where deep inside you know happiness is a choice.
    I can trick myself by saying – instead of I am unhappy – I am choosing to be unhappy. It kinda makes being unhappy stupid when you do it that way!

  2. I was JUST thinking to myself yesterday: “Is Happiness supposed to require effort?”. Now, this is not supposed to be as depressing as it sounds. I was merely wondering if happiness is necessarily our ‘natural’ state, and that if we are unhappy, does that mean that we are out of balance? It’s great that you chose to write on this topic.

    • Thanks for the great comment Yui…not depressing at all!
      We have followed a similar line of thoughtful questioning…
      I would be inclined to say that yes, happiness takes some effort, especially if someone is in a very dark place. Perhaps balance is nothing more than an innate understanding. An acknowledgement that we feel ‘bad’ most of the time, without positive outcome…in other words, refusing to learn the lessons inherent in our unhappiness, we choose to wallow or play the ‘victim’. We sabotage our own ‘happiness’ by refusing the lessons that help us grow to become a better, wiser version of ourselves. There are so many needless, senseless hurts in this world and we are very adept at causing our own pitfalls…
      Therefore, I suppose in my mind, balance comes from understanding, honest acceptance, learning, action, good choices, and love.
      What were your thoughts and conclusions? 🙂

  3. The idea of “happiness” seems elusive, at best. Happiness is a sense experience driven from one of two forms of influence. The first form is egoistic. We become conscious of certain sensations acquired through self-serving emotional/physical relationships, material gain, social status, etc. These aspects of “happiness” are illusory in that there is never fulfillment beyond the short-term. The second form of influence is spiritual. Evolving through the degrees and dimensions of spiritual alignment is a gradual transition from the dominance of ego. Each degree of transcendence from egoistic rule is a new degree of inner balance and peace. During this transition period, from egoistic to spiritual alignment, an individual will struggle with functioning in both conditions. An immense, consciously engaged inner effort is necessary. The cause and consequence outcome to this effort is complete peace and harmonious alignment with Creation. The term “happiness” (or any other word) cannot adequately describe this level of existence. However, attaining this state of being is permanent. The potential for elevating to this level of existence is exclusive to the Human Species.

    • Yes, the material can never bring complete, permanent fulfillment, or ‘happiness’. It is sad that human beings often get caught up in the ‘hamster wheel’ of production/consumption, believing the next material object will give them what they desire most; inner peace and completeness.
      I too agree the transition toward the spiritual, the true desired state, is so difficult as to require constant gardening. Not sure if you would agree, but I think it can be so hard for some that it is imperative they begin simply by putting healthy behaviors into practice until they become the ‘new normal’, habitual. Only then can one progress in a way that ultimately achieves the spiritual state of being, or ‘happiness’, to which I believe you and I are referring.
      We are extraordinary creatures indeed…capable of so much goodness and connection, the power of which is as endless and timeless as Creation.
      Thank you so much for commenting, Rob 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful post, as an inspirational and motivational writer, people think you should always be inspired, happy and motivational – life happens – we all have our moments. Your words were right on point…Thanks for sharing…

      • You bet. It is a great post and needs to be seen by as many people as possible! Rock on, lady…good job!

        Talk to you later,
        Jeff 🙂

      • Hey…you’re just good! I love all the “sweet things” you tell me, but you have the talent and attitude. If I can help in some way to bring that to light, I’ll do it.

        Just keep on writing and we will keep supporting each other. That’s how friends treat friends!

        Have a great day, and…you’re SUPER AWESOME yourself!

        Talk later on,
        Jeff 🙂 x

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