Wearing Nothing but a Smile…


Blog 10 ImageThere are times, especially when we’ve been hurt by another, when our hope in humanity seems a fruitless endeavor. ..

But there are other instances, those that renew our opinion of humanity, and they always manage to appear when we’re feeling let down, hurt, or hopeless…

Instances like May 1995…

This was the night I lost my driver’s license and ATM card.  I lost them in a restaurant.  The manager called me at home about an hour after I’d dined there to let me know he had them.  I drove (yes, without a license…) to the restaurant to retrieve my lost items, all the while wondering why someone had turned them in, as opposed to taking them.

The thought was due to the information I’d received from the manager.  You see, although my license had been found near the restaurant table I’d occupied, the ATM card had been found in the parking lot.  My response was immediate surprise that someone found my ATM card in the parking lot, bothered to walk back inside the restaurant, and took time to consult the manager about the situation, all on behalf of a person they didn’t even know.  I mean, they could have gotten a free Bahamas vacation or….something….right?

What a sad prospect…

With the constant barrage of worldwide media, we witness so much of the violence, pain, and senseless destruction people bring on others, we begin to believe the world must generally be that way; the summation equal to certain parts of the whole.

Take smiling for example…

I smile at everyone I pass.  Usually, I receive blank stares or odd looks, which feels pretty terrible after a while.  It’s not terrible because I’m not receiving a smile in return.  It’s terrible because the majority find it too bizarre to simply return a smile-for-a-smile without believing there are strings attached.  My grandma always told me, “smile, it confuses people,” and she couldn’t know how right she was.  Yet, out of 1000 people I might give a smile, 999 might look confused, but at least one will always smile back.  That one person makes it all worthwhile.  If nothing else, it proves there are other ‘smiling weirdoes’ like me out there 🙂

What I’m getting at is this:  We tend to label before knowing, judge without facts, and consistently fail to consider the math that states unequivocally, “there is just as much opportunity for good as there is for bad”.

So when I questioned the motives of the person who found and returned my ATM card, I failed to give a smile-for-a-smile.  I went against my broader belief that people are generally good at heart.  There is a lot of good in the world.

And to that wonderful ‘weirdo’ who returned my ATM card that night in May of 1995, I would like to say:  God bless, and may the next person you see, pass you with a smile…  🙂


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  1. I like your grandma’s saying…”smile, it confuses people!” You’re right, people are taken by surprise at such things. We all get wrapped up in our “things,” but we’ve talked a lot about how the actual physical smile can help us feel better. Same for the emotions.

    If you smiled at me walking down the street, I’d smile back. It’s just the way I am. In fact, I might even say “morning,” or just give you a plain old “hi.” C-r-e-e-p-y…

    It’s ironic…we consider ourselves addicted to “social media,” but we are more withdrawn from many kinds of physical connection than ever! At least that’s the way I see it.

    Hey, take care and have a super day. “Rock on” lady!


      • No surprise to me. We do see a number of things the same way, I’m sure! We’re from a generation which has seen the interaction of people from both the “pre” and “post” technology worlds.

        I’ve experienced social gatherings, parties, dates, even marriages from both the old and new ways of getting there. You’re probably much the same way.

        Nowadays, we can “go” to school, grocery shop, order medications, and so many other things online…we never have to leave the house!

        It’s no wonder the more “socially connected” we become, the less physically connected we become!

        Christian 😉

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  3. I love strangers smiling! Or saying hello. Or just being nice in general. Yes it’s terrible that’s so rare that it’s surprising, but man, it just makes your heart jump with joy when it happens 🙂

  4. Very nice post… a nice afternoon reminder that there IS good in the world and little things, such as a smile, can make a world of difference. I believe also, that there needs to be a balance in the influences, such as media that we are allowing into our lives. We need to know what’s going on in the world, but we need to find positive programming, literature… that shows the good side of life. Thank you for sharing RYIH (Rock Your Inner Hippie)… God bless you and have a beautiful day!

    • So true Josie 🙂
      I quit watching any form of news programming almost eight years ago…it’s amazing how much it reduces the ‘noise’, especially in the home, which is our sanctuary from the world and all its ‘noise’ 🙂
      God bless…you’ve made my day more beautiful with your comment! 🙂

  5. Wonderful, A great message in less words,
    yes the world tells us many negative stories… but always anyone should believe …. the world is beautiful and full of opportunities to cultivate and even to build a Better wold… as you said…. the Smile…. yes … a smile can change a Life out of 1000/1 … not bad…. nothing to give up….. Good post. thank you….

  6. I agree a smile makes ourselves feel much better and if another ya to that in a world of so much busyness-Grandma was always right and always did have a nice smile as you do for others to see-say why I’m sending you a smile right now-

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