Nature Lessons: Caterpillars & Butterflies


The word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t exactly leap to mind.bfly james took
Now we’re talking b-e-a-utiful 🙂
But think of the process at work here; two creatures in one.  Metaphor, and metamorphosis.
How unlikely it seems that such a slow moving, low-to-the-ground, and oddly represented creature as the caterpillar should ever aspire to the beauty and grandeur of the butterfly.
Yet, they are butterflies…inside.  Until change brings makes their beauty visible to the world.
They sense change coming and embrace it.  They accommodate change by preparing for its coming…they do not run away or avoid.
Changing (as a verb) is harsh and even unpleasant.  It simultaneously tests endurance and perseverance.  Coming out on the other side of such a struggle is victory and it fills the heart and mind with a rare confidence.  The kind of confidence that allows one to soar…
Because change is good, change is new…a rebirth. And if prepared through acceptance, change is positive and exciting.  A promising chance and hope for something new 🙂
Be like the caterpillar…
Prepare for and accept change as it comes (because it will come…).  Embrace what is offered to ‘become’ what is wished.  Only then can we display the beautiful, vibrancy of our inside to the outside and reach heights only dreamed of a moment ago, when we were confined to the ground, before change allowed us to fly 🙂

*photo courtesy of my husband, James…*


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  1. No other metaphor is as PROFOUND and Superb as the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful vivid colorful butterfly.

    Transformation is difficult as hell…..but I loooove the idea of a butterfly inside all of us waiting to emerge, fly, become FREE.

  2. The metamorphosis is natural, the change unalteringly inevitable, but go watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysallis prison…bloody hard work…it has to want to be free a lot in order to make it, exhausted. If it chooses the old life over the new, well…

  3. Change is the most consistent thing in the world and yet so many times we run from it, complain about it, rather than embracing it to see what comes after. We may very well miss the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if we keep avoiding change.

    • Yes it is Elaine!! Change is inevitable, so why not loosen the grip and ‘go with it’??
      …I’ve always found it incredibly liberating and fantastically adventurous 🙂
      Well-said, Elaine! Thank you for commenting 🙂

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