What is Sexy?…


The level of fixation on sex and all things body-related has grown to epidemic proportions.  Physicality is widely seen now as the primary dictator of ‘sexy’, though physical depiction, even generationally, is interestingly diverse.

‘Sex sells’… ever heard the phrase ‘sex sells tires’?  It’s meant broadly to communicate ‘sex can sell anything’.  And upon first interpretation, it seems to indicate it is not referring to the persona of the bikini-clad Miss, reclining uncomfortably (and suggestively) over a brand new tire.  Or is it?

Perhaps it is the communication of an ‘ideal’, which only superficially perceives that it deals directly with the physical.  In reality, physicality is fickle, differing with each new generation and between cultures.

Consider these two examples:

modern Body1955BodIf physique is ‘sexy’, how are the drastic differences explained between what was considered ‘ideal’ in 1955, versus the ‘ideal’ of today?  Notions that the physical body defines what is ‘sexy’ have been reinforced to unhealthy extremes, leading to increases in the number and severity of eating disorders and negative body image issues.  People are dying to be thin…literally.  As if thin dictates ‘sexy’ without regard to the entire multitude of other aspects that actually make us human and attracted to one another.   In fact, it is a form of Fetishism, and it allows for the commoditization of sex and the ‘sexual ideal’.  It is an alarming deviation from sexual truths and a reflection of misrepresented ideals.

In actuality, physique is only used to ferry communication.  And it is the communication that remains unabashed and unchanged, proving it is the focus, the issue at hand.  The physical is used to ferry the communication of ‘sexy’…and by ‘sexy’, I mean attitude.  Attitude is sexy.

The physique is merely the vessel by which the attitude is dispensed…a ship containing the gold within, to speak in metaphor.  A physique can be honed and crafted.  Hell, it can even be bought these days.  But attitude?  Well, that’s the real gold isn’t it?  After all, that outer shell can look like a million bucks, but if there isn’t much of substance on the inside, it’s only going to take you so far.  It will in fact only take you exactly as far as any physical body is capable of, and no more.

Ask most men and women what is really ‘sexy’ and if they’re honest, they’ll likely talk about ‘the way he/she looks at me’, ‘how much he’s/she’s in to me’, or ‘wants me’.  It’s something in the look and the action, not in the actual eyeball.   It is a conveyed sensibility; enabled and enhanced through its communication by the body.

Consider that people who may be very adept at using their bodies to communicate attitude are naturally sought after by multimedia outlets that communicate solely through visual campaigns.

So buyers beware…the body might mislead what the mind has to offer.

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  1. yet you still see photos of people barely wearing anything or in bathing suits to show others how much weight they have lost as if they needed any ones approval on their looks. So what is sexy is definitely classified by how we look to one another. It is not until we get to know the person behind the photo that we are actually made aware that the sexiness comes from within that person and how they carry themselves. And what one person considers sexy may not be seen that way by another. It’s all a matter of opinion.

    • Yes, I think we can all name at least two people who post pictures of one kind or another, fishing for compliments. The interesting thing to me is the rub between intention and perception.
      There is a line between what is physically appealing and what is actually sexy which now seems increasingly blurred. I personally believe this is increasing in parallel to our increased use of technology-based social media forms. The less time human beings spend face-to-face with other human beings, the less they recognize subtle queues and body language. There is a reason why the human face is populated with over 43 muscles. The result is an over-emphasized sense of physicality because it translates well into photo/video formats, which can then be easily shared online.
      One look at a Miley Cyrus performance demonstrates exactly what I’m saying. There is definitely an over-emphasized sense of physicality-as-sexy, yet it translates as ridiculous. It is ridiculous because there is no substance beyond the physical suggestion of sex, so it becomes generic, with a one-size-fits-all message. These types of ‘performances’ are flippant and uncaring, and they do not change based on the viewer. One has to admit in this case, even a prostitute gives a better ‘personalized’ experience than Miley.
      It is exactly that ‘personalization’ of something; a look that translates as ‘just for you’ or suggestive body language ‘for your eyes only’, which makes something really ‘sexy’.
      My point:
      Raw sex, without substance, isn’t sexy. It’s just ‘sex’ that asks, “Where’s the ‘y’?”

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