Me... Who am I?

Tough to answer such a tiny question!

I am immediately compelled to use labels.  People understand labels.  They’re expected.  I have a hard time coming up with just one or two though, because there are so many things I identify with.  Living life is so much more complex than one or two individual attributes, interests, or occupations.

Labels are incredibly limiting. They are words meant to ascertain specific, minimized evaluations of aspects too broad to be dissected; aspects physic and psychic. As evaluations, they are naturally restrictive to only those attributes by which they are measured.  But I’m rambling…

So I will try to express who I am without traditional labels. I am interested. I find beauty. I work to be a better human being. I love. I hate. I understand. I lift up, rather than drag down. I forgive. I create. I hope to inspire. I live fully and passionately. I am thoughtful and contemplative.  I appreciate life. I learn constantly. I recognize the value of others. I want to connect. I adore my family. I intend kindness. I wish to be useful.

I want to share what I have to give.

I heard Maya Angelou say once, “If you learn, teach. If you receive, give.”

Amen sister…Rock on…

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    • I could easily and sincerely say, “Ditto”, my friend. Your comment is a beautiful way to start my day, many thanks! Love, love, love your blog! What talent…
      I’m very happy we’ve found each other.
      Rock on Ducks…ROCK ON

      • Well, I think I mentioned that we have to move my mother in with us. That’s tough on everybody. But we will get through it.

        Hope every little thing is good with you and your family. I’m working on something fun in a Dr. Seuss style. It may take a while though.

        Have a fantastic day/night…

        Your friend,
        Christian 😉

      • As they say…”wait for it…wait for it!” Hey, why don’t you work up something too. Let’s work together on an idea. Maybe? Let me know…


      • Super…let’s toss around a few ideas as you have the time. We need a “star” character and some sort of situation in which to put him or her.

        What do you think? Any suggestions? Take your time, as I will, and we can talk later. I’ll be bust today, so I’m “in and out.” But you know I have time for your messages…

        Take with you later, enjoy your day!

      • I’m thinking of a “bear” as a main character, who meets up with various friends. A kind of combination of “Winnie the Pooh” in a Cat/Hat style.

        What do you think? Feel free to add, subtract, or change anything, partner! Talk to ya later on…

        Christian 😉

  1. Congrats! We’ve selected you as a “Versatile Blogger Award” winner. Pop over to our site and click on the post of the same name for details.

    take care,

  2. Nice to meet and learn about you and I love your positive attitude! Thank you for visiting and following my new blog. 🙂 I;m very new to blogging and it is a slow learning process, but a fun one. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. I like this way of introducing yourself, talking about yourself without labels! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. I happen to love Arizona, spent some time there, and I am thrilled that you brought me to your blog!

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