Blogging Naked…


haha…gotcha!  Title is important it seems…


But I am naked, this moment.  In a way you cannot see, but can appreciate… 

My heart is on my sleeve.  I love you…whoever you are.

I don’t need to know you.  I don’t need to know anything about you to love you.  Love is free; a completely renewable resource. 

Ever been to a play?  How about a ballet?  How about a small high school production in your home town?  If you have, you can relate to this short blog.  If you haven’t, you’ll still be able to relate to it. 

In every moment, movement, note, or line you ached for the performer to do well, without even knowing what kind of person they were, their politics, beliefs, or ambitions.  Why?  When the actor messes up a line, how does it make you feel?  If it makes you feel anxious for them, it is because your heart is already loving them.  The performer feels nervousness to perform just ‘right’.  But the audience feels the need to assure the performer it is okay to mess things up.  They will even applaud to show their support.  Their actions say, “Just keep going, we don’t mind, you’re doing great!”.  How deliciously complex….yet simple.     


We are connected by our humanity…the things that make us sensible to the human experience.  These are the ties that bind.  That raw love for one another is wholesome, unstained by the whims of society, event, or decade.  It is the thing that separates us from every other creature on the planet.  We empathize, we love…

So spread some more around…trust me, you’ll get it back in spades, my friend.  In spades

And remember, before you lay your head down tonight, I love you


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  1. I just left you a comment on another site by this same name…it has to be yours. Can you let me know if you got it? Hope to talk to you later, dear!

    Take care,

      • I don’t think your page is the problem. My iPad goes right through, just not my laptop. I can try again but it will be later on tonight…(probably 10-11 hours from now).

        Have a Rockin’ day, sweet lady!

        Jeff 😉

      • Talk to you later, little lady! Funny, in my mind, when I say…”later, little lady,” I can hear old John Wayne…

        ‘See ya’ later, little missy…’ Nuts, huh…

        Jeff 😉

      • Right on…pilgrim! I’m not gonna hit ya’ I’m not gonna hit ya’ …on he#%…I’m gonna hit ya’! Too much, way too much.

        You take care, dear. We’ll talk again soon.


      • I watched MASH a lot, and Radar was a great character. I can’t remember his “Duke” impression exactly, but I can picture it in my head.

        “Funny how funny it must be inside my head, inside my head he said and he said…”

        Wait, that’s Seuss, not John Wayne.

        Peace, love, and “no more war!”

      • Wish I had a video or CD of some of those voices! I’d compare them to my own. Imagine the “Duke” trying to read Seuss…

        “The Cat In The Hat…what the he#% is that…pilgrim! And don’t even think about serving me any of those green eggs with MY ham, partner!”

        Oh my!…

        Talk to ya later, yes, later we’ll talk. We’ll talk and talk a lot, Ms. Rock!

        Jeff 🙂

      • What was that story where every cat in town was carrying around another cat’s tail? Do you remember? I just thought of that one…may have taken place in “Whoville,” but maybe not.

        Jeff 🙂

      • As usual, you are right, of course! My gosh, “Katzen-stein!” How could I forget…I loved that story.

        Hey, I’ll try to visit your site later. Got to go get my mother and get her chores done…she’s 85 and can’t drive anymore.

        Have a great one, and “Rock On!” (haha…Katzenstein), great stuff!

        Jeff 😉

      • Thanks, dear! You’ll have to share some of the book with me. I went to Google but couldn’t find any passages from the book from Katzenstein…

        Talk to you later,
        Jeff 🙂

      • Know what? I don’t know what I was thinking…I remember reading it, but apparently it wasn’t in my ‘collection’…
        I looked everywhere for that book only to realize I never actually owned it…LOL
        You weren’t able to find it online?!?! Hmmm….what are we going to do about this? 🙂

      • Oh no…now THIS is a crisis! You know, when I “Goggled” it, I kept getting a bio. I think on a man named Katzenstein.

        I even specified the search with Seuss’ name…nothing! But then I realized I had misspelled the book-character’s name.

        I’ll get back to looking…it’s out there! EVERYTHING is on Google! You can look as you have time and we’ll “meet up” when we have something…okay?

        Then we can read it together online somehow…

        Have a super day, “Hippie,” and we’ll talk later.

        Jeff 😉 x

  2. We’re sharing the love too! Sometimes I encounter a person that does present a challenge to this. I remember telling my mother one day in hurtful anger, “Mama, I hate (person’s name).” And I thought it was rightfully deserved. After all, this was someone not only out to destroy himself or herself, but I knew the dominoes would fall and impact family, church, and others. My mother, however, spoke wisely. “No, honey,” she began, “you don’t hate ______, you love _____ but you hate what this person is doing.” I had to admit she was right. This is one way to overcome feelings that challenge your love for someone who does wrong things. I am so thankful that God loves us (and not our sins).

    • EXACTLY right, Carol!
      It is so incredibly important to separate the person from the behavior.
      Behaviors are a cocktail of past experiences and influences, so they are often not an accurate image for what is the essence of a person.
      Love can come from understanding that every life was created and therefore has merit. We can never know another’s journey to a moment, but we can respect creation in general. In fact, when someone is showing you who they are (that is, who they have become) and it’s mean or hurtful, you must consider what things might have occurred in their life to influence their choice to behave poorly. It helps us empathize…it helps us.connect and ultimately, to love more easily and freely. Love is in all and it is the only universal language.
      Besides, if you look at it with only simple logic: what is the alteranative? Hate? Hate never does anything for anybody except make more misery.
      No thanks, I believe I’ll have some LOVE…. 😉

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